Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest Wreath

I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. Specifically, the iphone app. It's so fun to peruse the pictures while I lay on the couch or while hubby watches sports on TV. I have tons of pins on tons of boards! Last night I made my first Pinterest craft-- a scrappy fabric wreath!

It's no secret I like bright colors! I really love orange, and I think it looks great on our dark red, slightly outdated front door.

It even fits nicely behind the storm door. Win!

I used a large metal ring that I found in the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby for $2.47. Stuck a small nail in the back side top of the door and hung the fabric loop on it. Done. And Simple!

What do you think?


A 42 Year Old Pre K Kid said...

I really love your wreath. I love it so much that I would like to know more details . Where did u get fabric scraps? How did you attach them?

Granny Grunt said...

My daughter made one. She used a pool noodle for the base and ripped up bandanas to tie on it. Very cute.
that doesn't necessarily prove i'm not a robot just old and can't always see.

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