Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been so very blessed in recent months with interest in my brand. Orders are coming in at a steady rate, and I am steadily working to complete those orders. My newest adventure is with This is a brand new online boutique that is based locally, and owned by a sweet gal I've been lucky to work with! Two of my outfits just went live on her site tonight, with another coming soon! Check out and see what Susan has to offer! Click the photos below too!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tote Bags

Lots and lots of bags... at the top are a few I've recently done, and below are one that are available. Not all are on my etsy site, so if you see one, email me!

Little Boys Ties!!!!

Brand new and available at Sparkles.......

Little Boys ties! These are full ties, not clip-ons, and reversible! (OF COURSE!) Check out some more photos by clicking here.

More Handmade Christmas gifts

Kids love stuff with their names on it! My neice and nephew got these personalized things for Christmas this year.

Towel wraps:


Spa night

I made these for my sweet niece's birthday for party favors.

The Birthday girl modeling hers:

A few Christmas gifts

I made these for a few of my family members for Christmas.. part of my handmade Christmas this year. Fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drum Roll Pleeeeeeez.........

It's done!! It's finally done! I took me six months, but it's done! Ok, well, technically it took about a week, but it took me six months to find that week. The black and white crib bedding set is finished!! I delivered it this evening to Jess at Sparkles and I *think* she liked it. I know she LOVED it! AND, even better. IT'S FOR SALE! Just wait till tomorrow or so when Jess gets her crib in the store and gets it all set up, and then run over and visit her!

I would just like to say how much I LOVED doing this set. Favorite set I've ever done! I hugged it goodbye when I left it, since I feel like it's become part of me these last few months. I stared at that box of fabric for three months (while I worked on other stuff), planned, drew, petted the soft zebra minky, changed my mind, redrew, and then created it with my own two hands. Every stitch is MINE!

And now, the pictures. I took these in Carly's room, which has yellow walls, so disregard that. Also, while editing the photos, I noticed how dirty the crib has gotten with a toddler sleeping in it. So disregard that too. Anyway, look at these!

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