Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's neat how throw pillows can really bring together the decor in a room. Lately, every bedroom in our house has gotten a new pillow or two. I started with this one.

I found this neat printable chandelier iron-on. I have to admit, my little inkjet printer spit out a gray chandelier.. so I used a black paint marker over it after I ironed it on-- which I would assume makes this pillow not very washer-friendly. Good thing it's on a grownup bed!

Next, the boy's bedroom got two new pillows. I just made a simple envelope pillow over for the larger pillow, and then used some scraps to make a small pillow.

It really ties in the curtains and wall art!

Now, the girl's room is a forever work-in-progress. I just finished the valance this week finally,

and these two floral throw pillows.

Again, another simple envelope cover for an existing square pillow, and a smaller envelope with three scrap flowers sewn on. For some reason, my children love to destroy pillows -- every button, tie or cute "extra" inevitably ends up torn off. I wonder what the fascination is... anyway, these flowers had to be sewn down tight. I sewed them in a circle radiating outward through all the layers until all the little petals felt secure.

I love the difference it makes!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be jealous.

Some projects don't turn out like you want them to. And some blow your expectations so far out of the water they end up in orbit around the earth. This is one of those times.

Remember this little gem? I picked it up at a flea market/junk shop in my small town for $20. As soon as I got it home and started inspecting it, I thought, "Crap. I got taken. This thing is a hunk of junk!" It has potential on the outside, but the back, corners, insides, etc. were not looking (or smelling) promising. It sat in the garage for about a week while I mulled over the possibilities. Then I took it to my friend Jessica and pleaded for her to help this poor wretched dresser become lovely again. And that is exactly what she did.

At home, I added two coats of polycrylic finish to it, and here it is in the room. It is painted to match an accent fabric in the bedding (the small ruffle around the pillow shams), and I've yet to make some larger shams, and a valance with that same fabric, which will really tie it all together.

Over and above anything I ever dreamed this hunkajunk could become! I tell you, she is a miracle worker.

Still, the inside was a problem. This dresser was meant to be a nightstand in my preschool daughter's room, and the drawers will be holding her clothing. So, they must be clean. And clean they were NOT. I scrubbed, sanitized, scraped, and still the smell and staining was ewwwgross. So, I had to cover it up. Here is what I came up with.

Scrapbook paper leftovers, Mod Podge, and then one quick coat of polycrylic to finish-- and perfection, no? Now this odd duck is beautiful, inside and out.

Be jealous of my serendipitous one-of-a-kind success!
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