Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Shirt

If anyone knows me personally, they would know, or easily guess, that I do not make a habit of following directions. If you need proof in my personal life, this blog post describes it well.

So I took on a personal challenge last night and decided I would make myself a top using one of the *many* patterns I've collected over the past couple of years, with grand plans to do them all.

Here is the result:

Conclusion: "She CAN BE TAUGHT!"

I also made this hiphugger skirt for a friend. She makes these sweet handbags and we did a trade. I am really loving my new Amy Butler Love fabric! It is SO nice to work with!

p.s. the background is my bathroom wall that I retextured last weekend.. it will eventually be painted a light gray-green called "Willow Tree." I've been busy getting my craft on lately!

'Nother Name Banner

I made this for my friend Meg, who is having her second baby - a little girl this time - and is using the same crib bedding she used for her son. I helped host a baby shower for her, and my fellow hostesses decided we wanted to help Meg "girlify" the room a bit. One thing was to make a banner with baby Rachel's name on it. I also made a toy organizer and put some ribbons on it, but sadly did not take a picture of it.

Kennedy's summer wardrobe (at least, some of it)

These were all designed by my customer -- doesn't she have a creative eye? She's also good with colored pencils.. ;-)

A new flouncey outfit:

Love this one -- it's got a sheer cheetah overlay showing the stripes underneath

closeup of the details on the top.

The shorts that go underneath:

TRIPLE cheetah ruffles! ME-OW.

Satin ruffles = my worst enemy! But it turned out cute, eh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Fabrics

I've got three bolts of Amy Butler's Love Collection in stock, and they all coordinate very well together! In fact, I'm going to make Carly's big girl bedding out of it, as soon as I have time.... which may well never happen! However, who needs 45 yards of fabric for one little girl's room!? SO, it's also for sale!

These are all $8/ yard, with free local delivery and really reasonable shipping. Any combination and yardage, half yards and 1/4 yards (fat quarters). These aren't on Etsy yet, so if you are DYING to have some, call me, email, facebook me, leave a comment on this post.. whatever!

One of my fabric elves.. his head popped up and just begged for a picture! Cutie pie!

Jameson Darling

Normally, I get the bedding finished before the baby is born. However, this time, I started the bedding when the baby was two weeks old! This is the bedding I did for Jameson Darling, son of Tiana and Brian Darling.

And a matching name banner! I love the way this turned out!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More ACU things

Shorts and Skirts:

got twins?

or siblings?

Custom request:

More dresses and outfits:

Custom request:

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