Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year, New Project

I've been away from the blog for a while, focusing on family and holidays.

Oh, who am I kidding?

My son started Kindergarten back in August and I'm still reeling from the change of schedule. And my poor blog has taken a back seat.

But I got a new Macbook! Maybe that will help.

Who am I kidding?!

I did finally find some inspiration for the yards and yards of fabric my mother has been sending me from Africa. She is a short-term (if you can call 18 months short, when your mama is across the ocean) missionary associate stationed in Congo, where she teaches teenage girls how to sew. That's what we tell people, anyway. It's obvious from my stash of batiks and wax block prints (totally new to me!) that the REAL reason she went to Africa was to add to my fabric addiction.

Thanks, Mom!

So. That's my new project for the new year. I'll still be making "the usual" dresses and outfits, and assorted other crafty awesomenesses, but I'm going to be adding a new line of clothing and accessories I'm calling, "Let's Congo!" using the fabrics she's sent me. Squeeeeeee! I'm so super duper excited to debut the first fruits of this little labor of love.

Oh, did I forget?! This new line will also involve donations to missions in some way. I haven't sorted it out yet, but probably 10% of the sales will go to a charity that works in Africa. Which is the real love part of this labor. I'm excited!
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