Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rose Festival Arts and Crafts Show

I will be participating again this year in the Rose Festival Arts and Crafts show! It will be at the Rose Garden -- NOT at Bergfeld park!-- on Saturday, October 12th and Sunday afternoon, October 11th. I would love to see you stop by!

Cradle Bedding

Jess at Sparkles gave me 60-something vintage chenille squares and asked me to make some bedding for a cradle she did.. and the end product is great! It is on display at Sparkles in Flint... I am thinking Jess decided to keep it for herself!

(And I WILL be getting started on that crib bedding set soon!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy!!

Made this outfit for my girl Kennedy. Well I guess it was really for her mama! Kenners wore this to welcome home her Daddy from his second tour in Iraq just last week!! So glad it made it all the way to Europe (where they are stationed) on time!!

Welcome Home Brian!! We are so thankful for you!!

Miss A's Patriotic Pillowcase Dress

These pictures come from North Carolina from my bud O'Neal and pictures of her sweet Ansley. I made this dress for her LAST YEAR, and it still fits this year, and probably will fit again next year, and possibly the year after! The BEAUTY of my pillowcase dresses... they grow with you!

J.D.'s Monogrammed Booty

I just love little baby booties! And I'm not talking about shoes! My friend Bethany recently had her first baby and I was so happy to put a big bold monogram on J.D.'s little BUTT!! So sweet!

Nursing Cover

Thanks to my girl Jill and her husband Joshua who took - literally- over 200 pictures for us of Jill modeling her nursing covers. They have an adjustable D-ring neck strap, NO boning -- I'm kinda against the whole stiff neck thing, besides the fact that someone else has already copyrighted the idea, I always wanted to be able to move the neck totally closed if I wanted to, so I left the boning out. The bottom has a contrasting fabric that matches the neck strap. My covers are generous in size --long enough to cover your whole lap and wide enough to reach around both sides. They also have two pieces of wide ribbon on the sides that you can tuck under you to secure the cover from wind or flailing infant arms.. you know what I mean!

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