Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's neat how throw pillows can really bring together the decor in a room. Lately, every bedroom in our house has gotten a new pillow or two. I started with this one.

I found this neat printable chandelier iron-on. I have to admit, my little inkjet printer spit out a gray chandelier.. so I used a black paint marker over it after I ironed it on-- which I would assume makes this pillow not very washer-friendly. Good thing it's on a grownup bed!

Next, the boy's bedroom got two new pillows. I just made a simple envelope pillow over for the larger pillow, and then used some scraps to make a small pillow.

It really ties in the curtains and wall art!

Now, the girl's room is a forever work-in-progress. I just finished the valance this week finally,

and these two floral throw pillows.

Again, another simple envelope cover for an existing square pillow, and a smaller envelope with three scrap flowers sewn on. For some reason, my children love to destroy pillows -- every button, tie or cute "extra" inevitably ends up torn off. I wonder what the fascination is... anyway, these flowers had to be sewn down tight. I sewed them in a circle radiating outward through all the layers until all the little petals felt secure.

I love the difference it makes!

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Beverly @ said...

Alexia all the pillows look great!! I love what you did with the chandelier - and your kids rooms look great too. I love the fabrics. Now I'm off to buy some of yours! :)

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