Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Rose Festival was a wash.... again. I will not be participating next year unless it is moved back to Bergfeld Park. (My husband tells me I said that last year... well this year I really mean it!) It didn't help that the fabulous weather forgot to show up and it was cold, damp, and generally icky outside.

I have another show coming up next weekend, November 7th, in downtown Bullard. This was my favorite and most successful show last year, so I am looking forward to it again. And my friend Shelly will be sharing booth space with me, so even more fun will be had! Nothing like hanging out with a crafty friend, although Shelly will tell you she is anything but crafty (she just hasn't realized it yet!!). Come out and see us Saturday, November 7th from 8-5ish, right smack in the middle of downtown Bullard!

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