Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Red White and Blue Festival in Bullard was so fun! I love this festival. It's my second year to be involved over there and both times have been fantastic-- well-organized, well-advertised, and just loads of fun. It was only a one-day event this year, so not as exhausting! I'll definitely keep it on my very short list of shows for the future. My husband keeps telling me to stop doing outdoor shows, but I just don't listen! Well, honey, I'm starting to hear you... now that the weather is getting cooler (can't say cold exactly, since it's still high 70s here in TX in November) but the thought of dragging all the tables, tent, boxes, and racks out for a day of unpredictable weather, and even more unpredictable sales, does not appeal to me. Especially when I have to put off my list of special orders, which currently is quite lengthy.

SO... I'm hunkering down for a winter sew-in now. I've got a few deadlines to complete -- some self-inflicted, and some buyer requested-- that I'm going to be working toward now. I am absolutely still open to orders, so browse, buy, order, and share! I'm already working on a spring line, and am excited to see how that turns out. Times are fun!

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