Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gap inspired Cardi-Wrap-Thing

Several months ago while shopping at the Gap outlet - because I rarely set foot in a regular store, but this was an outlet mall trip -- I saw this on the hanger.

My friend Jill tried it on and it looked super cute. When she took it off I opened it up and saw that it was a large rectangle of fabric with sleeves sewn on. SO super stinkin' easy to make! So I did.

Here's my version:

I used Bamboo Rayon/Cotton baby knit (just a fancy way to say Tshirt fabric made from bamboo) and it feels SO good on. Since it's a knit I didn't even finish the edges. I did hem up the sleeves a bit, but the lower edge and the neck are just a rough cut. I didn't want to ruin the nice drape of the fabric with a hem.

So whatchya think? Eh? Eh? EEEEHHHHH??

1 comment:

Puddles and Bugs said...

I LOVE it! I want to see a picture of it on! You amaze me with your talent!

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