Friday, October 15, 2010

Tween Room

This project.... I worked on in stages for about 8 months. I finally got some pictures of it! Dreadful, disgraceful pictures taken with my iPhone, but pictures nonetheless. Others may have heard me refer to this project as "The Minky Room" or even "The biggest mistake I've ever made," or even "The project from HADES!!!!!" But the end result is great, huh?

*Just pretend, for one minute, that the photos are decent.*

The photo above is floor-to-ceiling reversible curtains with huge black tassel trim.. altogether weighing 22 pounds! Below is the view from the inside of the curtains into the room. In the background is the left bed with green/zebra curtains.

The curtains under the loft bed.. also reversible and quite heavy!

The reverse side of the loft bed curtains.. makes a cozy little homework nook/cave!

By far the most unique (and difficult!) thing in the room.. a valance for an arch-top window. *Pardon the blinding sunlight*

And a straight version of the same valance..

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked. All I saw were giant mounds of orange, lime, zebra, and pink minky all over my office for months, and never got to see the end product all at once. I'm pretty proud!

Oh yes, and don't EVER ask me to do this again with Minky. Ever. At all.

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