Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Scrappy Wallet

So, I made a few little zipper pouches this week, and realized my big thick leather Fossil wallet wouldn't fit inside. I SO wanted to carry one with me this week, but until I had a smaller or more flexible place to put my essentials it would have to wait. So, I searched tutorials, gathered ideas, and made this:

I am loving the colors! I used the basic instructions from this tutorial, then added some extras that I needed - more card spaces and a larger space for bills.

IF I make any more of these, I will change a few other processes to make it even better, but... I have a new wallet! Woo!

I would be willing to do a tutorial of this wallet, if there is any interest. I just need to hear from you!


Puddles and Bugs said...

love love love it! I want a tutorial!

Strange family said...

i'm with puddles and bugs! :)

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