Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruffle Necklace

I've recently become obsessed with following craft blogs. I have dreams and aspirations of having one of those awesome craft blogs myself, and I'm doing the best I can here. My favorite things to see are repurposed clothing tutorials, like how to take a ratty old t-shirt and make it into something fabulous! Like a cardigan, or a toddler dress. Both of these I WILL make. Soon.

Anyway, my newest favorite blog, as you have seen if you clicked the links above, is Happy Together. She makes the coolest stuff! And is so nice to post step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures, so her readers can make cool stuff too. I recently saw a necklace that I HAD to make. It was one of those opportune moments when I had everything I needed at arm's reach, so I just DID it. It was a simple ruffle necklace that I made with leftover chiffon and a necklace cord I already had. It took 30 minutes, and only because I had to make it twice because I did bad eyeballmath the first time. And then, because I'm partially insane and have vain tendencies, I uploaded a picture of myself wearing said necklace to her flickr photo group. This was at least three weeks ago, maybe four. Look what I found on her blog tonight..

Talk about SHOCKER! She has 2396 followers of her blog and my face is on it now, and a link to my blog!

It is a pretty necklace though, isn't it!?

p.s. If you are reading my blog because you clicked the link at Happy Together, Hello! Won't you be a dear and follow mine too? Pretty Please?

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