Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Rose Festival was a wash.... again. I will not be participating next year unless it is moved back to Bergfeld Park. (My husband tells me I said that last year... well this year I really mean it!) It didn't help that the fabulous weather forgot to show up and it was cold, damp, and generally icky outside.

I have another show coming up next weekend, November 7th, in downtown Bullard. This was my favorite and most successful show last year, so I am looking forward to it again. And my friend Shelly will be sharing booth space with me, so even more fun will be had! Nothing like hanging out with a crafty friend, although Shelly will tell you she is anything but crafty (she just hasn't realized it yet!!). Come out and see us Saturday, November 7th from 8-5ish, right smack in the middle of downtown Bullard!

hodge podge showoffs

And now I'd like to share a few photos of new things I've done recently! I've been very busy sewing and embroidering, so haven't had the time to photograph and list everything until now. I'm still working on getting all this up on my Etsy site, but until then, if you see anything you need, just email me. All these items are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP (or deliver, free locally!)!

This Prince/Princess design is available in almost any color, and I CAN add a name monogram to it as well! (It would then read, "Princess Carly... etc.")

Crowns in Shimmer Silver or Gold:

Bibs and Burp Sets:

(Name monogram is included in the sailboat design's price)

(name monogram is included in the butterfly design's price)

My latest craze: Trendy Cross Appliques!!

24 month:

24 month:

24 month:

24 month:

Skirted Onesies:

Don't forget the Boys!

Christmas onesies and Tees -- Front says "nice." Back says "(naughty.)" Love it!
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