Thursday, May 29, 2008

Modeling Session

I got to have my friend's daughter as a model over the holiday weekend. It was fun! I loved seeing a human being wearing my creations! Here are the highlights.

What a cutie!


Taking a stick break


And another!

This is mostly to show off that curly hair!

Here's that boutique dress I made up - it is lined and made from some special occasion-type brocade and chinchilla. Love it!


Darling Family said...

I'm glad y'all got to come for a short trip to Austin. Will you send me my bill for K's dresses?

Also, we went to lakeline yesterday, and saw another bouncy place. Its was $10 a kid and didn't have as many bouncy things. I'm so glad Caleb ended up having a good time.

Thanks again for coming!

Chel said...

SO CUTE! Great job!

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