Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Projects

I had a burst of creative energy these last two days. Probably it's because I got all my craft things unpacked and organized so I can see what I have! I've got a list going of all the new things I want to make and I'm quickly striking things off! Hooray for Saturdays!

I made Carly a tiny lovey to chew on:

Carly in action:

I made this burp cloth/lap pad last night too. Took a blingy lace trim and added a few ribbon lengths to a bought minky burp pad.

And for my favorite project of the weekend: my very first pillowcase dress! I didn't really use a pillowcase, but some super cute clearance fabric. I have enough fabric leftover to do another one too. I am proud of the way it turned out! I think next time I'll use a contrasting color for the casing and ties and maybe a small swath of the same at the bottom. I think I'll add a bit more length too so it will grow with the wearer longer.

1 comment:

SisterOne said...

Total cuteness, Lexi! I'm so proud!

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