Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been busy working on dresses lately. I am liking them more and more the more I make, and getting inspired to add trims and branch out into trying new designs. I've only got so much fabriv to work with before I have to go out and buy some more, so I'm trying to to use all of the stuff I have to get really good at making them. Then selling them becomes a priority! Had lots of interest but so far no sales.

I think Etsy takes a little while before you really get good and established but I think for only being on it for about three months and already having six sales isn't too bad. One community I belong to has had a discussion lately about folks being on etsy a year and having zero sales. I know it depends on the products being marketed but I feel like the "baby stuff" market is a bit flooded so I am branching out into the adolescent girl market a bit more. Still doing all the baby burp clothes and bibs, but I'm going to focus more on girls dresses and hairbows now. It seems there is more interest in those, and therefore more money to be made.

I've also been focusing more on the quality of the photos I take of the products. It helps that I have a very nice yard to stage outdoor "natural" looking pics. I am really pleased with how they have turned out. Now if I can figure out props and display techniques for the burp cloths and hairbows I will be in business! Any suggestions are welcomed in comments!!!

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Chel said...

Cute stuff! I like!

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