Monday, June 20, 2011

Distressed Dresser - before and after

I have had this thing finished for a couple of weeks, but forgot to post the pictures. Here is the dresser I painted to match the bed from the previous post. I L-O-V-E the pieces together.

Before: This dresser belonged to a friend, whose boys are grown and it wasn't being used anymore. It was originally painted (or stained) black, but her husband had started taking off the black already. I received it as a "project in progress" and was more than happy to transform this boy dresser into a shiny chic girly dresser!

After lots of sanding and about three coats of white paint:

Finished! I changed out the knobs to some fun mismatched glass knobs, and again added the wooden scrolly doohickeys on the cabinet door.

Doesn't the distressing look fantastic? Thanks again to my friend Jess!!

Here it is in Carly's room. I'm terrible at taking indoor pictures, so you get what you get, but I think it looks great with the yellow walls, and the pink and green accessories.

Next up: my crazy self bought this nightstand at a flea market..

It's a nightstand (or something) that looks like a cabinet with doors, except it is actually two drawers thast slide out. It's interesting! It's unique! It's gaudy! And sooo ugly!


.....any guesses what my plans are for this gem?! It will go in the same room, but it ain't gonna be white, that's for sure! And it won't be one solid color. My husband just shakes his head at me.. :-)

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Vickie J said...

Lexie, check out

She did a nightstand / cabinety thing very similar to yours.

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