Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faux Wrap Halter Dress

This is a brand new design I've been working on for weeks! My first time to draft a pattern from scratch.. it is hard! I've still got some tweaks to do on the bodice to close that cleavage gap (on a children's dress? A necessary change!)

I just finished this one this afternoon - this is the fourth dress I've finished and it's still not quite right. But it's SO close I went ahead and photographed it. My model was very angry and non-cooperative. And her hair was a mess. But check out the fun dress!

The back has elastic in in to make it a flexible easy fit and to add another bit of cuteness!

(Candy helped the model cheer up slightly.)

What do you think? Anyone want to order!? I'm so excited about my latest original!


He knows the plans... said...

These are so cute! I think Ms. K might need one. Will you be able to make one big enough for her? Maybe she'll need 2 a fun spring print & an ACU one. Whatcha thing?

Alexia said...

I really think the ACU fabric would be too thick/heavy for this dress. It needs to be pretty light and airy for it to fall right. What size is Miss K in these days? a 6? I betcha I could make that happen.

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