Monday, August 10, 2009


Inspiration hits, and I have to run with it. Tonight I was staring at a pile of scraps, getting ready to price together some tiny preemie outfits, and had the top part of this skirt that needed finishing, so I started grabbing and cutting, and 45 minutes later, I have a really awesome scrappy skirt that I am TOTALLY wearing to lunch tomorrow with my girlfriends!

The story behind this skirt is it was part of a dress that turned out looking quite frumpy, so I chopped off the skirt and made the dress into a top. I haven't photo'd that one yet. Same orange theme (obviously, since they were originally the same garment). Guess that's not much of a story! I don't make many things for myself, but when I got all my fabrics in, I couldn't stand just looking at them on the shelf.

Anyway, he she is!

The sweet thing about this skirt is that is has no front or back, only side seams, and can be any length. All I need is a waist measurement and a length preference. Oh, and artistic freedom to come up with something awesome!

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