Thursday, July 30, 2009

Custom Outfit

This is what I can do when you bring me a fabric (or two, or three, or four!) you love! My friend Charity brought me these two coordinates and a spool of ribbon because she loved the colors and pattern, and here's what I made for her sweet daughter Abigail.

I ruffled the ribbon with my handy dandy ruffling attachment (I really don't think I could live or do business without it!) and made a nice textured trim for the hem on the shorts and top. Fun!!

.... elasticized neck for safety and fabric shoulder ties... completely adorable!!

This is a Tooth Fairy Pillow I worked up real quick this week. I'm embarrassed at the poor picture.. I thought it had come out better. The ribbon accent is yellow. I also failed to get a photo of the back of the pillow, which had a shiny silver "...zoom zoom..." embroidered on the bottom right corner.

I will be making more of these! Such a cute little thing you need when your baby gets his or her first loose tooth!

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