Friday, September 19, 2008

New Boutique Outfit

I've been really working lately on getting a lot of inventory for the Rose Festival Show. I got my confirmation papers for that this week, and got out my new canopy and put it up in the garage, testing it out for the big show. I've got to work on getting the lattice boards treated with paint and new hinges for displaying things under the canopy. My main prodcucts are going to be the hairbows and burp cloths, but I was itching to do some sewing this week so I cut out and new boutique outfit out of some Amy Butler pieces.
It's a reversible pinafore with capris to match, size 12 month. The top is truly reversible, and there are three coordinating prints on each side, and both sides coordinate with each other. If I could figure a way to make the pants reversible (and still cute), I would! I put a bit of black ribbon trim on the pants for fun. SO darn cute! I love making these fun outfits, always knowing if they don't sell (who wouldn't want this!?), I can always put them on my own adorable daughter when she gets bigger. The thing I love most about these pieces are that they are one of a kind, and I will probably never make another exactly like it.

Side one:

Side two:

I'll have this and a few others at the show, so come by and see me! And always, I do take custom orders, for size or material. (Or both!)

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He knows the plans... said...

Your sewing creations have truly become beautiful! You are doing a great job!!!! I hope you do well at your craft show!

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