Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday America (and me!)

It is great to know we live in a country that we can do our art as free as we would like. I can make whatever I want to make with my free time, and I have my time with the Lord while I'm doing my crafting. Another wonderful thing about living in America. I am free to worship my Lord, and He gives me a mix of talents that no one else in this universe has.

In the spirit of Americana, here is a neat rendition on the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Thanks to Bevie for sharing the link. I had tears and chills and was tapping my foot, and swaying in my chair.

And if anyone ever wonders about what God thinks about His creation and the way we humans are "taking care" of it, check out this blog. Here is a friend from my teenagerhood who is really on to something. I love the connections he is making between Theology and Ecology. They really are connected!

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